The Protestant Student Community (Evangelischen Studierendengemeinde or ESG) gives spiritual and intellectual support, educates, creates a meeting of minds, brings about new friendships, mediates, is a place for faith in practice, is hospitable, is ecumenical, is international, is interreligious, is open for all, who respect the dignity of others, stands for peace, justice and the protection of the earth and is a part of the EKM (Evangelische Kirche Mitteldeutschlands or Protestant Church of Central Germany).

The ESG offers ...

... a place, where you meet people with different opinions, impressions and experiences, and talk with them regardless of whether they are Jewish, Christians, Muslims, atheists or a member of other religions.

... a place where there is equal opportunity, no matter wich race, color, religion, gender or sexual orientation a person has. The criterion for living together is respect for the dignity of others.

... general and religious self-education, spiritual and intellectual confirmation and spiritual welfare.

hiking tour to the Brocken of several Protestant Student communities